Fundraiser is over now – but we raised $4,000! Thanks everybody!

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It’s John’s Birthday!!! Happy birthday John! Did you know John has Type 1 Diabetes? At age 19, his pancreas just decided it was time to retire. While T1D is manageable, it dictates certain aspects of life – and insulin is really expensive. There are people who ration their insulin, leading to serious health risks, because they cannot afford it or get access to it. So today and tomorrow, for John’s birthday, we are donating all print sales to a nonprofit called Insulin For Life that helps bring insulin to those in need or in disaster situations. Our donation will help, but what they need the most is unused diabetes supplies – if you have any, you can donate them by visiting We’ll post a story on Sunday of how much we raised, and we’ll post another story when we donate. The link to our print shop is in my bio! Thank you, and happy birthday to my favorite man 🙂

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