The Backstory

Catana Comics was started on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, when John made a casual suggestion to me that we should make a comic about our relationship. One hour later, the first Catana comic was created – and within the next few days, five more were created. The comics were never intended to be published online, but thanks to John, they were! I was prepared to be embarrassed and torn apart (the internet is a scary place, you know), but to my surprise, the comics took off. Completely unprepared, without a website or social media, or even a name for the comics, we got to work and started to create what we know as Catana Comics today. Thanks to John’s suggestion, his magical ability to create websites in a few hours, and his inspiring daily antics, I am now able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist while juggling the responsibilities of being an obsessive dog mom.

At the end of the day, while these comics were not in our life plan at all, they have become so important to us! We are just a happy little couple from upstate New York. Our followers and fans are very important to us – without you guys, we would not be here writing this. Thank you to everyone who finds joy in Catana Comics – it warms our hearts to know that there are so many other couples out there fueled by love, silliness, and finger-guns.